Single mother of two (one deceased) and grandmother of six. Worked for Orange County Fire for 36 years, and now retired.  Has a love for animals and enjoys the weather in Florida.

Director Brooks been a member of the IABPFF for 34 years working in several positions on local, regional and international boards. Attended conventions 1985 Рto present, only missing one in 23 years, and have only missed four Southeast regional meetings. 1985-1987: Member of the PFACF, wrote and received $95000.00 grant for smoke detector program.

Director Brooks prepared herself for leadership positions in the organization by promoting within Orange County Fire, and with the acceptance of mentorship from Leroy Norwood, Theodore Holmes, and Romeo Spaulding. This has led to her leadership of the Southeast Region Directors position.

Organizational Positions!

Progressive Firefighters Association of Central Florida

  • President
  • Vice-President

Black Women In Fire Service:

  • Director
  • Financial Secretary

Southeast Region:

  • Southeast Region Director
  • First Vice Director
  • Second Vice-Director
  • News Letter Editor
  • Meeting Planner

International Association of Black Professional Firefighters:

  • Financial Secretary
  • Meeting Planner